Artist Blog | Stefan Große Halbuer x maezen
Before we get into your work, can you just tell us a little bit about yourself? 

Hi, I’m Stefan, a designer & digital artist from Münster, Germany. I work as a freelancer in the creative business for almost 10 years now, with taking my first steps already during my bachelor and master studies at the Münster School of Design. I work for international brands as well as for NGOs, musicians and startups. 

We are curious about your past and your style. When did you get started with art, what are your preferred topics and how would you describe your style? 

I did my first steps in digital art around 15 years ago, starting it as a hobby while learning the job of a media designer. At university, I focused on art & illustration a lot and experimented with traditional techniques like watercolors, but then decided to go fully digital after a while. 

My influences are, for example, pop culture, cyberpunk culture and everyday life, plus of course a lot of other artists and comic book illustrators. I like to combine known objects or situations with surprising elements, especially with a focus on little details. I also love to experiment with eye catching color palettes that at the same time don’t use too flashy colors. 

To be part of our project, we asked each artist to address certain issues in their designs that we should all think about more often. Can you briefly explain what your designs are about and what message you want to convey with your designs for maezen? 

I gave my series for maezen the title „Different Perspectives“. You see in my work a preference for isometric/bird eye‘s perspectives. In this series, I use this technique to change the perspective on everyday situations, showing it in a surprising surrounding and in a new light. I wanted to deal with the fact, that with a step back and a neutral view from above, our life and behavior can appear different, surprising, or even strange. There is also a contrast in each image between a very crowded and detailed surrounding, with at the same time lonely characters. The visuality, at the same time, is not negative or dark, but fun and interesting to watch. 

Last question. Is there one thing which is important to you that you would like to share with our community? 

Attention spans are short, and images on social media are scrolled over super fast. Behind every image that an artist creates lies a lot of work. Not only the hours that they have to put in each artwork, but also the years of practice that enable them to create it. With my drawings full of things to discover, I create pieces that you need a moment to fully understand. Give yourself that moment to enjoy an artwork, and this way give the artwork the value it deserves. 

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