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What are your delivery times?

The delivery of the goods for the domestic market (Germany) will be carried out within 10 - 14 days. For foreign deliveries - due to global delays in the supply chain - delivery can take up to 3 weeks. Please note that there is no delivery on weekends and public holidays.

How much will shipping cost?


DHL: €4,90


DHL: €4,90 - €8,90


DHL: €14,90 (0-1kg), €19,90 (1,5kg+)


DHL: €9,90 (0-1kg), €19,90 (1,5kg+)


INTERNATIONAL: €24,90 (0-2kg)

Do you provide worldwide shipping?

Yes, we deliver worldwide. Shipping costs for international shipping amount to 24,90€.

My Order

When do I get my tracking number?

You will receive an e-mail with the tracking number for your order the same day the parcel leaves our warehouse. This can take up to 1-3 weeks.

Why have I not received an order confirmation?

As soon as you have completed your order, you will receive an automatically generated e-mail in which we will send you all the relevant information. If you have not received this e-mail, please also check your spam folder. If you still can't find the order confirmation, please send us an email to office@maezenclo.com to make sure that your order can be processed successfully.

Can I return my order?

If something doesn't fit you, you can of course send your order back. However, we would like you to keep in mind that we are not a fast fashion brand and returns are very costly for us.

So, if you are unsure about the size or an item, please check the size charts or write us at office@maezenclo.com.

In the case you want to return your order, please write us an email with your order number and the reason. Once we receive your package, you will get your money back within three business days in the same way you have ordered.

If you want a different product or size, just order again.

You will have to pay for the return shipping and any costs incurred.

Thank you for your understanding.


How are your fits?

Our pieces have an oversized or relaxed fit, you can find the individual size guide next to the sizes on the right side of each product. If you are not sure about your size, do not hesitate to contact us at office@maezenclo.com, we will be happy to help you!

Why are some products sold out?

Our collections always have relatively small editions, which is why they can sell out quickly. For sold out products, there is usually no restock planned.

Is there going to be a restock?

Since we are always working with new artists on new collections, we rarely offer a restock. However, if we have one planned, just check out our instagram account, you'll get all the info there. If not, don't worry, the next collection is already in the works.

For Artists

I am an artist, how can I work with you?

We are always open for collabs with new artists and happy that you are interested in working with us! If you have some work or ideas you think might fit our style, just e-mail us at office@maezenclo.com or send us a DM on instagram and we will check out your work.

What do you mean by supporting your artists financially?

We want to support our artists on a continuous basis, thats why we share a part of our profits with them for every product sold from their collection.

For Ambassadors

How can I become a brand ambassador?

We collaborate with different ambassadors all around the world. When deciding to work with a creator, we are looking for authenticity and quality in their content. If you are interested, just write us an e-mail at office@maezenclo.com or DM us on Instagram.

Are there any requirements?

You don't have to have 10k followers to become an ambassador. What is important to us is that you identify with our brand and what we do and that you are authentic in what you do.

What will I get out of it?

We are looking for long-lasting relationships with our ambassadors. This means that we will send you gift packages, we will post you on our socials and we will invite you to future events.

Didn´t find an answer?

Just send us an e-mail to office@maezenclo.com and we are happy to help you!